Bridging Indian Engineers Skill Gap

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This article is in continuation of our previous blog, in which we described what makes IITians different from others. More specifically, engineers graduating from tier-2 or tier-3 colleges.

Every year multiple articles are published regarding skill gaps of graduating Indian engineers and how most of them are not fit for any knowledge based job as they should be.

We tried to track down these different year on year articles from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. All the articles from different publishers and authors keep resonating the same story over and over again.

Analyzing these articles and trying to find the root cause of the problem, it does not seem to be much different than what we are used to see in our everyday life around us.

There has already been many discussions over the problem, so today we are here to talk about it’s solution.

We are going to present a simple systematic solution to bridge the skill of computer engineers and related streams.

The solution

Having the right mindset and a learning attitude is first and most basic step for the change to begin. To solve the problem, first the acceptance needs to be there that a problem actually exists.

Understanding the problem

Acquiring tech skills has never been so easy as is the case now.
Most of the most demanded tech skills are taught by many industry giants for free as they require more inflow of already trained and skilled engineers.

Following a few quality resources and sticking to their core principals is all that’s required to hone one’s skill to the required level.

Step by step guide in detail

End goal as is perceived by many, after skill mastery is getting a job out of it. We have described the most common job search methods used by people in tech domain and wrote a specific blog for it.

Getting the job

We do understand the list is not comprehensive and can include may other viewpoints and resources, but this is just a collection of some of the best time tested and resulting methods used by people to create a difference.

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