Falso Tech Web-Development/Frontend Intern

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Falso Tech is hiring for the position of Web-Development/Frontend Intern. For insights, practice materials and more such updates related to off-campus drives and internship drives be active on our website.

About :

You have heard of this DeepFake technology, right?

I guess you have. After all, it’s everywhere on the internet!

Now, What would you do “When seeing may no longer be believing”?
Deepfakes are already everywhere we go. From the cinema to politics to porn, deepfakes are becoming incredibly convincing and increasingly malicious. There has been a 100% rise in DeepFake content in the past 7 months, you can create a DeepFake video for as low as $3.
Not sure about Robots taking over humans, but DeepFakes are certainly going to create havoc.

Uncomfortable, Worried? Good. Read on then – you might just be the person we’re looking for. 😼

What is this Falso Tech you speak of? πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¨

The trust-lawyers of the internet, A complete Deepfake Detection and Integration Solution

We are Deep Learning researchers, we represent the same community that created the DeepFake but only for parliamentary use and we are trying to stop it havoc, well democratize it to every last human being.

Our Mission: What would you do “When seeing may no longer be believing”? Our mission is to use a holistic approach to solve the complex problem of DeepFake content.

We want to make the internet a safer & more enjoyable place by using the same technology that disturbs it. We want to ensure: No misinformation, Brand Safety, A safe civil society, and help regain trust in the internet.


Who we are looking for πŸ¦„

We’re looking for a front-end intern, who will work closely with the design team and our founding team, to plan and build our next-gen UI for our platform. You’ll play a key role in shaping our UI/UX and how our website/product looks in the near future. You’ll be involved with design architecture and a product that will help fight the war against misinformation and distrust.

We’d love to talk to you if 🀝

  • You are passionate about web development and front-end engineering.
  • Excellent grip on web development tools and languages.
  • You have some previous experience dealing with web tools and building websites.
  • You have previous experience from a technology startup.
  • You have software engineering experience in one or more general-purpose programming languages.
  • A self-driven, β€˜can-do’ attitude, and a willingness to grow and work hard
  • Willing to be agile and adaptable – every day will be different from the next!
  • Integrity is of importance to you.
  • You are a genuine and humble person.

Responsibilities πŸ’ͺ

  • Choose the best technologies for our product. (The tech stack at falso.tech is a greenfield project. In other words, no restrictions.).
  • Write the first lines of code for a product UI that forever will change make the internet a safer place.
  • Demonstrate healthy modern engineering practices through writing clean, tested, and well-written code with the team, shipping to production on at least a weekly basis.
  • Contribute to fostering a company culture built on integrity.
  • Championing knowledge sharing, cultivate learning, and avoid knowledge silos in the team.

Brownie points 🍰

  • Previous experience working with the technologies mentioned.
  • Knowledge of deepfakes and AI.
  • Cares about the future of the internet and wants to solve the rising threat of deepfakes.

What we offer

  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference in the world through the magic of AI, let’s save the internet 🌍
  • An option to get a full-time offer down the line. Impress us with your skills and we will be delighted to have you on-board
  • Remote work – live exactly where you want! πŸ—Ί We just require a 2-hour overlap within 12.00-20.00 IST for collaboration.
  • Flexible hours – for πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦, πŸ„β€β™€οΈ, 🎸 or just because we care about getting the job done and not what hours you are in front of a screen.
  • Unrivalled autonomy and ownership of engineering and a chance to join falso.tech as an early employee.🏎
  • The opportunity to work choose your own tech stack and write the first lines of code πŸš€
  • Stock option in case you land a full-time job with us. πŸ•

You belong here 🌈

  • As long as you’re fun to be around (and got the technical chops of course), we want to work with you; whatever skin-color, sexual orientation, gender, culture or religion (or any other box people find themselves put into) you have
  • At falso.tech everyone is encouraged to bring their authentic self to work which also means you’re encouraged to share as much (or as little) about your personal life as you want
  • We encourage people without degrees to apply: we believe what you’ve worked on and achieved is way more important (if you could include your GitHub profile or a link to your portfolio that would be awesome!)