How To Crack Gate CSE Without Coaching

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Do you have a dream of studying in one of the most prestigious colleges in India(the IIT’s)?

Do you have a dream to work in public sector units(PSU’s)?

If either of your answers is Yes, then guess what you have come to the right place. Let me guide you that how I got 95 percentile in Gate examination in my first attempt.

So are you excited then let’s get started.

Let’s make some bold claim:

You only need 6 months to become a topper in the Gate exam.

Make a plan

The first step before you start your preparation for the gate exam is planning.

The only difference between mediocre and a topper is planning. The only difference between a person who cracks a gate exam in six months and a person who takes a lot to crack the same exam.

So let’s first analyze how many subjects you need to prepare in order for you to crack the gate exam.

So there is technically 13 subjects you need to prepare for the gate exam.

SubjectsNumber of Questions(%)Weightage(%)
C-programming3 to 4 4.6% – 6.1%
Data Structures5 to 67.6% – 9.2%
Algorithms7 to 810.7% – 12.3%
Digital Logic6 to 79.2% – 10.7%
Computer Architecture6 to 79.2% – 10.7%
Operating Systems6 to 79.2% – 10.7%
DBMS7 to 810.7% – 12.3%
Computer Networks9 to 1113.8% – 16.9%
Theory Of Computation7 to 810.7% – 12.3%
Compiler Design2 to 33.0% – 4.6%
Mathematics18 to 2127.6% – 32.3%
Aptitude and Reasoning1523%

So I have given you the list of subjects from which the questions are in the Gate exam and the weightage each subject holds.

Now, you got a clear picture of what the subjects are and how much effort you are going to put.

First focus on those subjects which have high weightage, then go for the low weightage subjects.

After that you have analyzed the subjects from which the questions are going to be asked, now need to make a time table and decide in how many months you are going to complete each of the subjects.

So, I don’t know about others but I can give you a 6 months plan.

MonthsSubjects to complete
Month 1C, DS, Algorithms (Also solve the previous year questions of these)
Month 2OS, DBMS(Complete with previous year)
Month 3CN, Theory Of Computation
Month 4Compiler Design, Digital Logic
Month 5Computer Architecture
Month 6Test Series

Aptitude and reasoning and Mathematics are to be done in parallel with your subject wise preparation because the more you practice the more better you will be at.

So, practice aptitude for 1 hour and then mathematics for 1 hour.

Few important points that you should keep in your mind while preparing your subjects:

  • Prepare those topics well which have come in the previous years. (i.e let take DBMS, now there is a topic called “SQL” in DBMS and a lot of questions come from there, so you should never miss that topic and you should prepare it well).
  • You should only focus on the gate syllabus and the topic which are exempted from the gate syllabus should not be prepared.
  • Solve at least the previous year twice.

Complete the material

Now that you have a strategy in place, now its time to select a material.

You have two options:

  • Books.
  • Videos.

Books :

C-programmingLet Us C

Let Us C
Data StructuresCoremen

AlgorithmsUpdating Soon
Digital LogicMorris Mano

Digital Logic
Computer ArchitectureCarl Hamacher

Computer Organization
Operating SystemsGalvin

operating System

Computer NetworksForouzen

Computer Networks
Theory Of ComputationUllman

Compiler DesignUpdating Soon
MathematicsNPTEL lectures
Aptitude and ReasoningYoutube Videos


For videos you can pick up the video of your favorite YouTubers, there are many.

My favorites are:

1. Ravindra babu Ravula

2. Jenny’s Classes

The algorithms lectures of Jenny’s lecture are awesome.

3. Knowledge Gate(Math lectures are awesome)

These are my favorites can chose wisely.

So pick a material and complete the material. It is necessary that you should complete your material and order to complete the entire gate syllabus.

So if you are buying a book then complete the book, if you are watching a video then complete the playlist.

Solve Previous year Twice:

You should previous years questions twice, the reason is that more than 80% question in gate exam comes from the concepts which are asked on previous years.

Ask any topper he will say that you should solve the previous years questions atleast 2 times.

Solve the test series and do Analysis.

Now its time to solve test series, you should attempt as many test series as possible, but keep one thing in mind that you should do a proper analysis of test after it.

Now have a look the the video for analysis of your test series.

Final words:

So if you follow all those steps properly which I have mentioned, then you are definitely going to succeed in the exam.

All the best from my end.

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