How To Get A Job In A Product Based Company

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Do you belong to a tire three college? Or Do you have a dream to get a job in a product based company?

If for any of the above questions your answer is yes! Then walla you have come to the right place, now you don’t have to visit any other article on the web.

In this blog, I will lay down the steps by which a person could land a job in a product based compies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Uber, Oracle and may more

So let’s get started

Believe In Yourself​

The first step for getting a job in a product based company is to believe in yourself; there will be a time when you will have self-doubts, you will feel it’s all over, and there is nothing that you can do.

But believe me, there are people who are just like you and are now working in those big companies, you need to play strategically in order for you to get a job.

So whenever you have self-doubt, just take a walk or do meditation, you need to have a mechanism by which you can get rid of your self-doubt.

Learn A Programming Language

Programming Language

So after that, you have a mechanism in place for you to get rid of self-doubt, its time for you to learn a programing language.

Select a programming language form the list of top 10 programming languages.

  • Python Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Javascript / Node.Js Programming
  • C/C++Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • Google Go Programming
  • Swift Programming
  • C# Programming
  • Scala Programming
  • R Programming

Select any one from the above list, if you ask me I would recommend that you should select either C++ or Javascript.

The reason for selecting C++:

  • C++ is both object-oriented and procedural language, so you can easily apply the concepts of C and object-oriented programming(like Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, abstraction).
  • C++ is easy to learn, and in my opinion, it will take two weeks to have a good grasp of the language.

The reason for selecting Javascript:

  • Javascript has multiple usages, you can use Javascript in building websites, mobile apps, desktop application(using Electron).
  • Javascript is also easy to learn, and in my opinion, it will take 1.5 weeks to have a good grasp in the language.
  • After ES6 update you can also use the concepts of OOP.

So these are my opinions, you can choose any programming language you like but learn it thoroughly so that you can perform any operations which you like.

Learn Data-Structures And Algorithms

So after you have completed the challenge of selecting a programming language and learning it, now its time to learn data structures and algorithms.

You need to have a good knowledge of data structures and algorithms because, at the time of the interview, the interviewers are going to test your problem-solving ability by giving you questions of data structure and algorithms.

Don’t get nervous, trust me; it’s easier than you think, let’s crack the process.

Steps to become master at Data Structures and Algorithms:

Learn the concepts :

Learn using free resources :

You can learn concepts using free resources (like free videos on Youtube or free articles on google).

There are a lot of channels that teach data structures and algorithms for free. One such channel is “Abdul Bari“, this channel is famous for Algorithms videos.

Like Abdul Bari, there are various youtube channels which will teach you algorithms and data structures for free.

Apart from youtube, there are also MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses) sites like Coursera, edx, etc.

The second method of learning Data structures and algorithms is by learning from paid courses; you can easily buy courses from sites like Udemy, Udacity, Skillshare, CodingBlocks, etc.

Chooses whatever you want, whether you choose a free alternative or buy paid courses, you are right.

Practice the Concepts :

There are two ways to practice concepts which you have learned:

Competitive Coding :

List of competitive coding sites:

  • TopCoder
  • Coderbyte
  • HackerRank
  • CodeChef
  • Codewars
  • LeetCode
  • SPOJ
  • CodinGame
  • Codeforces

Pick anyone and start coding; if you ask me, I recommend Codechef or Codeforces, pick any one of the two.

Make Projects :

The second way is practice concepts by building projects; you can build anything, just do a Google search for ideas.

Build Your Resume

Resume Bulinding

Now comes the step to market yourself i.e., now you need to prepare your resume so that you get a call from the interviewer after you apply for the job.

So there are many things which you can do to have a killer resume.

Things you can include in your resume :


Include those certificates which are relevant to your job profile.

If you are applying a job for the role of a software engineer in a particular company, then include certificates of your programming courses or a programming event. I think you got the point.

Certificates are the most basic stuff, and most of us do have at least a course certificate.

Projects [Important]:

Projects are the most important things to include on your resume, try to have at least 3 to 4 good quality projects.

Data structures and algorithms will help you to crack the interview, but projects will help to get an interview call from the company.

In real life, you will be given projects to work, and by doing good quality projects and including them on your resume, you somehow indicate that you may be a perfect fit for the company.

You must upload the code of your project in the Git platform.

You can literally skip all the other points which are included in this section if you work on good quality projects.

Ranks of Hackathons:

If you participate in any hackathons, you can also include it in your resume, the points of the competitive coding sites could also be included in your resume.

Apply For Jobs:

Apply for jobs

Now finally is the time where you should apply for jobs in various product based companies.

Ways to apply for jobs at product-based companies:

Career :

Apply to the job directly from the company’s career page. Now if you don’t know how to to, then don’t worry.

First go to and type “Company Name career“. So lets say you want to do a job in Amazon then type “Amazon career” then open the first link which comes in the search result.

Amazon Career
Amazon Career

Then click on the first link and you will land to there career page. Then find the job you want and apply to it.

Amazon Career
Amazon Career

Use Linkedin

The second way by which you can apply for jobs is LinkedIn.


You should have an updated Linkedin profile for this step.

Type “Company Name.” So let say you want to get a job in Amazon, so type “Amazon.”

So find people using the LinkedIn search and then send a connection request to those people, after they receive your request then message them and ask for a referral.

You should contact as many people as you can or you can also contact their Hr via LinkedIn and ask for a referral. This is how I got my first job at Amazon.

Breaking Hierarchy:

Use breaking hierarchy to find jobs. To find jobs and apply click here.

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