Indiagold Off-Campus drive 2021 hiring for ML Intern

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Indiagold is hiring for ML Intern. For insights and updates related to off-campus drives and internship drives be active on our website.

Helping India meet its credit and savings needs using its favourite metal, Gold

By powering the monetisation of India’s large household gold reserves, we hope to free the financially underserved from debt cycles by empowering them to build a more predictable and secure future. We are building a gold backed open credit network (GOCEN) for India.
We will be the API providers of the gold loans industry.. This API also has the potential of evolving into much more & solving a need that several governments have struggled with – monetising the tons of gold lying as a dead asset in Indian households. Additionally, our API can also be used as an alternate credit score for the FinTechs. Check out our website

We are looking for rockstar interns to help us build and train our machine vision and computer vision models for indiagold. Get firsthand experience in building ML solutions in fintech domain!

Work LocationGurugram • Remote
ProfileML Intern


  • Data analysis: Analyze data coming from multiple channels to create datasets which we will use for training and testing
  • Machine learning: You will work on building ML models and increase prediction accuracy in our loan origination platform

As part of you internship, you would get to tackle real-word problems and build ML models to solve for it. It is a great learning opportunity. Do apply if you’re interested.

Also, bonus points if you’ve worked on any similar project in the past or any prior experience with TensorFlow, Amazon Rekognition or Google Vision API.

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