Kubair Interns for Multiple Profile|Remote Internship

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Kubair is Hiring Interns for Multiple Profile. For more such virtual internships, work from home opportunities be active on our website.

Kubair is driven from the concept of a self-sustainable system where a community’s collaborative effort can help the low income earning segment of our society. This is a step towards creating a distributed workforce to enable hybrid augmented intelligence.

Profiles Available

Social Media and Marketing

  • Work towards increasing the reach of Kubair Social Media pages.
  • Create an engaging blog and social media content.
  • Complete action plans and create massive buzz and heightened brand awareness for Kubair.
  • Work on building relationships with various entrepreneurship cells, founders, brands, and companies.

Content Writing and SEO

Research and create valuable & engaging content on the given webpages/blog post which can help in driving traffic and rank in SERP
Use Keyword analysis and SEO techniques to create content and generate creative content for backlink articles
Find and research on what is trending on digital marketing, SEO and content creation and implement them in their work
Update the content based on giving SEO guidelines to improve ranking based on analyzing the performance in Google Webmaster

Machine Learning

  • Using innovative ideas to collect, curate or synthesize data
  • Model the problem into a DL framework
  • Build, measure and iterate on neural network architectures that effectively solve the problem
  • Benchmark, validate and test the solution for real-world environments
  • Optimize the solution for accuracy and performance

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Analyze data to deliver insights and make recommendations for action.
  • Assist Project Managers with data entry, tracking, quality checking and follow-up.
  • Prepare documentation for policies and procedures, maintain collateral update etc.
  • Create compelling visuals like: Dashboards and Status Reports that aligning business and leadership needs.