Text Mercato Off-Campus drive 2021 hiring for Full Stack Developer Intern

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Text Mercato is hiring for Full Stack Developer ( 6 months Internship ) – MEVN/MERN [Data Science Team]. For insights and updates related to off-campus drives and internship drives be active on our website.

Text Mercato is one of the few (probably the only one in India) companies in the world working on two custom-built products to deliver quality content+cataloguing efficiently at a competitive cost. With expertise in the field of content creation, it partners with 300+ Indian and international brands like Amazon, Myntra, FirstCry, Trip.com, Pantaloons, Bajaj, etc. Customer satisfaction and partnering with the client is at the core of the company’s values. Text Mercato has the first-mover advantage and is trying to do in cataloging and content what Uber did in the cab industry.

In this role, you will use your experience in software engineering, data systems, and artificial intelligence to build scalable machine learning end user applications. Most of your time will be spent on building Machine learning Application/API and deployment. You will also work closely with the Data Scientists to understand the dataflow and design pattern.

Work LocationIndia • Bengaluru • Bengaluru
ProfileFull Stack Developer ( 6 months Internship ) – MEVN/MERN [Data Science Team]

You will need to have:

  • Prior experience in MEVN/MERN
  • *Good amount of experience in building robust API & frontend *
  • Full stack knowledge. (MERN/ MEVN preferred) Kindly don’t apply if you don’t have required skill. Prior experience in Implementing different authentication mechanism..
  • Need folks with strong React/Vue ecosystem expertise.
  • Strong experience in NUXT/ NEXT, VUEX/REDUX, Tailwind CSS/ ANT Design/Bootstrap, Websocket, GraphQL, D3 JS, NODE/SAILS JS, async architecture, webhook, ORM.
  • Candidates should have prior experience in Design, build, test, and maintain SASS Application .
  • Experience in Docker and Kubernetes will be a plus.
  • Familiar with ML/Deep learning, TensorFlow/ Keras/ PyTorch.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team

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